5 Stock Tips to Trade Like a Pro

5 Stock Tips to Trade Like a Pro

Trading like a pro takes some skill and experience, but there are some basic principles that don’t change. If you want to increase your chances for success, here are some stock tips to help you:

Stock Tips #1: Trade With a Strategy

No matter whether you’re doing an online stock trade or an offline stock trade, you should always have a strategy. Trading stocks by the seat of your pants is never a good idea.

Plan your trading strategy as you would make any important plan. As you look for good stocks to buy, decide on a clear entry and exit price. If you decide later to hold on to the stock longer, you can simply move your stop further out as you need to.

Stock Tips #2: Don’t Try to Hit the Bottom

Stocks very rarely turn around in a perfect “v-shaped” bounce, where they hit an exact point and begin to rise again. Trying to time a stock as it hits the exact bottom is as difficult as trying to time an exit perfectly at the top.

In fact, experienced traders sharing their stock tips will tell you that most stocks will continue to wobble a little at both ends of the range. Eventually they’ll make a decisive movement in one direction or the other.

Stock Tips #3: Don’t Try to Hit the Top

Both the bottom and the top of a stock rarely arrive in the exact place and time you want them to. You can avoid one of the most common rookie mistakes by choosing your entry and exit points beforehand – and then sticking to your plan.

Stock Tips #4: Be Careful If You Trade Against the Trend

It’s sometimes good to be a contrarian, but if you focus on just a short time frame, you may miss the big picture. If you’re a day trader, a daily price chart may be all you need. However, most investors will be better off checking the longer-term weekly or monthly charts. Doing so will help you better understand which direction the dominant trend is headed.

Stock Tips #5: Don’t get Emotional About Your Trades

Stock trading is a business, and Wall Street isn’t Main Street. A common mistake rookie stock traders make is to take their trading personally.

A losing trade happens to everyone from time to time. That doesn’t mean you’re a stock market loser. No one is right 100% of the time and the best traders in the world will tell you that no trade is ever wasted if you learn from it.

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