Are Penny Stocks Right For a Bear Market?

Are Penny Stocks Right For a Bear Market?

From about 1994 through 2000, the penny stocks market was on fire. This, in spite of the fact that the “old school” of investing preached that investors should never, ever, invest in a penny stocks

Trading penny stocks was fast, furious, and exciting. In those days, the OTCBB and Pink Sheets were pretty exciting territory. It wasn’t unusual for fortunes to be made and lost in a single day, and ten baggers were common. **

Inexperienced investors were often confused and overwhelmed by the rough-and-tumble of penny stocks. With different types of companies, different regulations, even different trading policies the penny stocks markets was very different from the more staid NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges.

Investors were even more confused by the fact that Wall Street media simply didn’t bother with the “insignificant” companies in the penny stock market. Without media coverage, most investors had no idea where to find a trustworthy source of information.  In turn, this meant that they couldn’t get information about the newest, hottest penny stocks – until it was too late.

For the average investor, finding reliable information on penny stocks required exceptional effort. Investors had to spend long hours sifting through the available data, mostly by hand. It was all was painstakingly slow and tedious. The process of discovery often took so much time that investors would get through all the work required – only to find the stock was no longer a value, and small investors had already been shut out.

Many investors found the process so difficult, they simply gave up. Others resigned themselves to having to pay exorbitant brokerage fees. The system ensured that the best stocks to buy for small investors – the value penny stocks – remained a Wall Street “secret” known only to a few insiders.

Today, getting information on up-and-coming penny stocks is much easier than ever before. Today’s investor has access to current and historic market information – all with just a few keystrokes. This information includes companies as yet undiscovered by the Wall Street pundits, and most of it is free for the taking – no broker fee required!

All of which means that today’s investors find their passage to impressive returns and wealth is more accessible. And with our free penny stock advisory, your path to wealth will be even easier. Subscribe on the right side to receive breaking information to help you achieve the most impressive gains possible from penny stocks.

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