Finding Good Stocks to Buy Can Be Easy

Finding Good Stocks to Buy Can Be Easy


Investors have always had to look a little harder to uncover good stocks to buy. The last couple of years have been tough ones and unfortunately this year isn’t shaping up so well, either.

However, investors can still find good gains even in an unstable market. Even ordinary investors can learn how to how to pick good stocks to buy. With a little help, almost anyone can discover new stock picks with a real shot at becoming winners.

Over here at Free Micro-Cap Report, we have a few methods to help you beat the professionals. These are tips that that work for us and will work for you no matter whether the market is up or down.

The first step is to be proactive in the search for winners. We use a stock screen to help us with this important first step. We screen for solid basics: whether the company’s balance sheet is strong, if there is a good supply of reserve cash, and whether there are signs of growth on the income statement.

But knowing the financial numbers is only half the battle…when finding a good stock to buy, the qualitative side is just as essential. For example, look for a new proprietary technology or product, which can make a huge difference in the company’s future profits.

The company’s history is also important. Many otherwise strong companies have fallen on temporary hard times as a result of the weak economy. These stock prices may have fallen to the point where they are now cheap stocks to buy, but they are still good stocks to buy.

Among the companies with temporarily depressed stock prices, you may find household names you immediately recognize. These otherwise solid, financially fit companies can deliver healthy profits when the market turns around.

Timing is crucial in any market. While a long-term hold and buy approach should always be a part of any portfolio strategy, investors looking for good stocks to buy should be prepared to move quickly if necessary to buy or sell.

Investors who overcome the fear in the market environment and who seize the opportunity at the right time can see double-digit rewards. Our analysis team at Cheap Stock Alert is always on the lookout for cheap stocks with great potential. Subscribe on the right side to our no obligation, free stock advisory, and our next recommendations for good stocks to buy.

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