How to Get Rich With Cheap Stocks

How to Get Rich With Cheap Stocks


Sometimes it seems that the only people getting rich are the rich! That’s where investing in cheap stocks levels the playing field for everyone. You see, when you invest in cheap stocks you don’t have to be rich to get rich. In fact, many investors begin trading cheap stocks using $2,000 or less.

If you were to invest $2,000 or less in say, Microsoft or Google, your investment wouldn’t get you more than two or three shares. However, when you invest in cheap stocks, you’re paying just pennies per share. So that same $2,000 can get you 2,000 shares or more in a variety of stocks!

Also, when you invest in cheap stocks, you’re usually getting in when the stock is poised to grow, but the stock price doesn’t yet reflect the company’s potential. Getting in on the ground floor of trades like these, you can easily see the stock double or triple in a matter of days. Some stocks, for example Medical Connections Holdings (OTC BB: MCTH.OB), recently shot up 600%!

Contrast that with the big, slow-moving Blue Chips, where you’ll be luck to pull 8% in a year. To use the example of Microsoft, to get an 8 – 10% return on investment, the stock would have to go up $2.50 to $3.00 a year.   However, when you talk about cheap stocks, a stock with a 10 cent entry price only has to increase by 50 cents per share to create gains of 500%!

In the case of cheap stocks, a gain of only 40 cents a share can make an astounding difference in the return investors receive, especially when those investors are able to take positions of thousands of shares very cheaply.

Cheap stocks offer a real-life way to do exactly what all the stock market gurus tell you to do: Buy Low; Sell High. Investing in cheap stocks levels the playing field for the small or beginning investor, and allows them to make the kinds of profits only the trading giants usually see.

This is really the ultimate “underground secret” of how rich traders get rich while others flail and fail.  The most successful traders don’t invest in well-known stocks, but rather, in companies that most people have never even heard of.

Cheap stocks aren’t for everyone, but that’s the way we like it at Cheap Stock Alert. Knowing that value comes in all shapes and sizes has been a well-kept secret of smart investors over the years, and Cheap Stock Alert helps our investors beat the market.

Our subscribers receive exclusive recommendations on the hottest cheap stocks that Wall Street hasn’t yet discovered.  If you’d like to see what we’re recommending now, look below for your free subscription, and start trading the best cheap stock picks anywhere. There’s nothing to buy and no obligation to subscribe.

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