Penny Stocks to Buy

Penny Stocks to Buy


There are numerous opportunities to find hot penny stocks to buy or cheap stocks with the potential to yield huge returns.  The vigilant investor on the OTCBB or Pink Sheets Stock Exchange will find hot penny stocks to buy abundant.

In fact, these cheap stocks have become so popular that investors sometimes find it difficult to pinpoint the best penny stocks to buy among the thousands. Investors need to figure out which penny stocks are set to break out and which penny stocks will remain static for a while. This is the first step in assessing penny stocks to buy for a potential trade, and there are few places that offer independent recommendations in the search for the best penny stocks, like the kind we offer at Cheap Stock Alert.

We seek out stocks with strong potential. Beginning with an analysis of the stock’s position, we look for stocks showing exceptional volume, or stocks with strong technical indicators.  Breaking news and other market-driving catalysts are often indicators that the stock is about to make a positive move in the near future.

Once we find stocks that meet our basic parameters they’re placed on our watch list of “hot penny stocks to buy”. We continue to watch those stocks intraweek, and when the stock begins to head in an upward direction, our subscribers receive an email alerting them that these may be hot penny stocks to buy.

Typically these are stocks trading for $5 or less. So our subscribers can afford to take a substantial position while risking just small amounts. At the same time, because the buy price is so low, penny stocks only have to make a small numerical gain for the investor to see large potential gains.

The fact that relatively small moves can result in enormous potential gain is why so many investors favor penny stocks. To buy these stocks is one of the best ways to diversify a portfolio and position it to take some safe risks for lucrative profits. Still, investors need to choose carefully when selecting penny stocks to buy. A reliable source of information with a track record is a tremendously valuable asset, a real time-saver, and a potential shortcut to profitable trades. .

Our subscribers get an early jump on the rest of the market with our exclusive picks. Subscribe on the right to receive our next recommendation for the hottest penny stocks to buy.

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