Small Cap Stocks May Be Perfect for Small Investors

Small Cap Stocks May Be Perfect for Small Investors


The Bear Market of 2000 – 2002, scared off many investors from buying small-cap stocks. In fact, conventional pundits considered you were crazy if you were one of the few still investing in small cap stocks during this time! Even so, small cap stocks were some of the best stocks to buy in any market then, as they are now.

It helps to understand what it was like to be a small investor during that time – and market conditions were only one small part of the story.

Although small-cap stocks are perfect for investors with limited budgets, small-cap stocks are also usually penny stocks or stocks of companies which are very small. Wall Street media rarely covered these companies, so, in some cases, no one had ever heard of the company. Ironically, many of these small-cap companies were developing innovative technologies or services that would later turn out to be very profitable..

However, the process of researching small-cap companies was so time-consuming many potential small-cap investors got shut out. As a result, many investors resigned themselves to being shut out of this lucrative “secret” market of small cap stocks or penny stocks.  They simply stopped buying and small-cap stocks – some of the best stocks to buy for ordinary investors – remained a Wall Street insiders’ secret.

Today, this information is much easier for investors to get than it was then. With a personal computer in most households, modern investors have instant access to all types of information. This means investors can discover emerging small-cap companies before even the big Wall Street brokers. Often this information is free, and services such as Cheap Stock Alert will deliver breaking information by email directly to interested subscribers.

This means that the Internet has fundamentally changed the way stock trading unfolds. Anybody can research a promising small-cap stock, and perform an online stock trade in just a few clicks of a mouse.  And it means ordinary investors have complete control over their progress to wealth.

Few barriers remain to investors who want to find and buy cheap and small cap stocks.  Investors now have the freedom and confidence to look through the OTCBB and Pink Sheets to uncover the newest small-cap stocks and other good stocks to buy.

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