Why Cheap Stocks May Surprise You

Seasoned investors know that, even in tough market conditions, cheap stocks have the potential to surprise you. The turnaround of the once-toxic assets of Credit Suisse is a classic example of how cheap stocks can become a profit-making opportunity in disguise.

As you may remember, Credit Suisse used a huge chuck of its toxic assets as 2009 bonuses. These were assets that had become severely devalued as a result of the overall semi-collapse of the global markets. Needless to say, the market price on these cheap stocks was at basement level, making them (to all intents and purposes) “worthless”.

Fast-forward a few months… the same cheap stocks have increased in value – and this pig of toxic assets is looking very much like a Princess of Profit.

It just goes to show that, while mainstream Wall Street may scorn cheap stocks, sharp, aggressive investors can uncover amazing opportunities in penny stocks and micro-cap stocks.

Rewards – and riches – rarely go to the timid. Seeking the highest return on a portfolio, instead of settling for less, is an approach favored by those willing to look realistically at a profit opportunity, and act with determination.

At the end of this trading week, Wall Street will have a lot of people who lost money, some who barely broke even, and a few who managed modest gains. Meanwhile, out of sight, penny stock investors will be quietly banking 30% gains and more.

Which group would you rather be in? If you prefer to be in the group that avoids market hype, grabs the best cheap stocks to buy, and carves their own destiny, you need to subscribe to our cheap stocks alert service right now.

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